1. Login to Exabytes Billing System via:


For MY client: https://billing.exabytes.com.my/mypanel/clientarea.php

For US client: https://billing.exabytes.com/mypanel/clientarea.php

For SG client: https://billing.exabytes.sg/mypanel/clientarea.php


2. Upon successfully login, click on "Domains" > "My Domains"

3. You may click on Manage Domain for the domain that you want to change name servers.

4. Choose Registrar Lock and click disable registrar lock if the status is Enabled.

5. Then click on name server and choose User custom name servers.

6. After that key in the name servers, example as below :

Nameserver 1: ns111.mschosting.com 

Nameserver 2: ns112.mschosting.com 

* If you encounter error "Name server not registered" please contact domain@exabytes.com.my to register the pair of name servers.


 7. Please enable registrar lock by refer to step 4.

* It might take time from 24 up to 72 hours for the domain name server to be propagated. 



Note: Only for domain name registered under Enom and OpenSRS, not apply to MYNIC domain. Kindly email to domain@exabytes.com for .my domain name servers update.