EBiz Mail PRO: Sync Up Your Emails To Your Phone

Here is how you can sync your emails with your phone

Before you proceed, you may want to check if your Activesync is enabled. To do that login to your client area, 

choose My Product & Services >> Select your EBiz Mail PRO >> Manage SmarterMail Users and Alias

 >> Select User “Edit User” >> Enable Activesync “Yes”

**NOTE: You are required to create a SmarterMail User first before being able to enable your Activesync.


Configuration Activesync Guide:

  1. https://support.exabytes.com.my/en/support/solutions/articles/14000037594-configure-exchange-activesync-on-android-phone-or-tablet

  2. https://support.exabytes.com.my/en/support/solutions/articles/14000037597-configure-exchange-activesync-on-windows-phone-7

  3. https://support.exabytes.com.my/en/support/solutions/articles/14000037596-configure-exchange-activesync-on-windows-mobile-devices

  4. https://support.exabytes.com.my/en/support/solutions/articles/14000037595-configure-exchange-activesync-on-the-iphone

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