Create SPF, DKIM, DMARC, PTR in DNS Manager

1. Login to our client are billing system at : -

For (MY) client:

For (US) client:

For (SG) client:

2. On top of the menu, click > Domains > Manage DNS.

3. Click Edit the zone domain name to edit your SPF, DKIM , DMARC

4.  Click Add Record then select TXT to specify your SPF record and then Add record.

     Name: Your domain name (

Type: TXT
TTL: 3600
RDATA: Your SPF record data

How to get SPF record?

Login to your cPanel > Go to Email > Click on Email Deliverability

Next click Manage 

Then COPY the record to add into your DNS management.

Example of SPF content as a TXT record below:-

Dedicated Server/SSDVPS: v=spf1 a mx ip4:x.x.x.x ~all

Shared Hosting: v=spf1 -all

5. Next to add DKIM record 

      Name: Your domain name (

Type: TXT
TTL: 3600
RDATA: Your DKIM record data

How to get your DKIM record

cPanel : 

Plesk : &

6. While for DMARC, it is standard. Three common options for recipient server to handle mail from your

    domain that fail SPF validation.

     None: v=DMARC1; p=none; sp=none; rf=afrf; pct=100; ri=86400

Reject: v=DMARC1; p=reject; sp=none; rf=afrf; pct=100; ri=86400

Quarantine: v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; sp=none; rf=afrf; pct=100; ri=86400

None : Will just monitor the DMARC results and you do not want to take specific action on all the failing emails. 

Quarantine : Put the emails which fail the checks in quarantine. Most of these emails will end up in the junk folder of the receiver.

Reject : Reject all emails that fail the DMARC check. The email receivers should do this on SMTP level. The emails will bounce directly in the sending process.


      Please be advised that this DMARC record need to be added as subdomain _dmarc

7. Lastly how to enable PTR record

     Dedicated Server/SSDVPS: For Dedicated/SSDVPS kindly contact our support back to enable from backend.

Shared Hosting: Already enable when you add the domain to the hosting.

Can verify the record by using this online tools 

Click on Next Step > It will generate an email for you send email to the test-2394ff92@appmaildev . com > Copy the email then kindly send from your email domain to the email test-2394ff92@appmaildev . com 

Below result will show the result success record added and passed.

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