Integrate Maybank QRPay Code

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a. About Maybank QRPay

b. Integrate Maybank QR Code

c. Note to your customer

d. Note to yourself (as merchant)

a. About Maybank QRPay

 The Maybank QRPay allows you to receive payments from your customers instantly into your bank account and monitor your business transactions conveniently on the go. 

Be a Maybank QRPay seller

b. Integrate Maybank QRPay Code

The Maybank QRPay Code method allows your customer to pay you through mobile phone by scanning the QR code. You can upload the QR code at your store and it will be displayed for your customer at the Thank-you page. 

1. Go to Settings > Payments 

Add Payments 

2. Select Maybank QRPay

3. Fill in your details accordingly and upload your own generated QR code. 

4. Write a message or instruction for your customers to follow to complete their purchase. This message will be shown at the Thank-you page.

c. Note to your customer:

5. Once customer placed his/her order, the QR Code will be shown at the Thank-you page. Your customers can then scan the code to make payment. 

6. Once payment is made, customer can attach their receipt/bank slip/any document required. Customer can login to their account.

7. My Account > Click on the Order number 

c) Attach file

d. Note to yourself (as merchant)

Orders made through the bank transfer payment method will not be automatically marked as paid. You will need to manually mark as paid after the payment is confirmed.

  1. Go to Orders > All orders > Click on the order number > Mark as paid 

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