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Connecting Razer Merchant Services (MOLPay) Payment Gateway

Razer Merchant Services ( formerly known as MOLPay ) is an online payment solution that enables you to collect payments securely at physical shop and through online payment channels.

In this article:

  1. Getting started

  2. Integrate Razer Merchant Services payment gateway

1. Getting started

Make sure you have a registered account with Razer Merchant Services. You will need your Merchant ID, Verify Key and Secret Key to proceed.

  • Don't have an account? Click here for more info about Razer Merchant Services accounts.

2. Integrate Razer Merchant Services payment gateway

2.1 Go to Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > select Razer Merchant Services.

2.2 Fill in your preferred Display name and Description which will be shown to customers at checkout payment method page/section.

2.3 Follow the Guide and set up Return URL, Notification URL and Callback URL in your Razer Merchant Services account dashboard.

  • Do make sure to activate the SSL certificate for your domains. Once done, the URLs will become https://.

2.4 Insert your Merchant ID, Verify Key and Secret Key.

2.5 Choose transaction charge type and insert the amount accordingly ( optional ). This amount will be added into order sub-total and payable by customers to you.

2.6 Select your subscribed channels. Please select only the subscribed channels to avoid invalid transaction.

For example, if you have only subscribed to the following channels with Razer Merchant Services:

  • Visa/Mastercard

  • Cash payment (7-eleven)

  • ATM, and

  • Direct Internet Banking ( Maybank2u, CIMB Clicks, RHB Now and Affin Bank ),

you should only select these channels which will be shown at checkout payment option page/section for customers to choose and make payment.

2.7 Save and done.

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