Adding Currencies

You can add multiple currencies for your store so that your customer is able to select the preferred currency as screenshot below.

Part 1: Add currency

1. Admin > Settings > Currency > Add currency 

2. Search the currency that you would like to add

3. Set the decimal & exchange rate

Note: If you only have one currency, you do not need to set the exchange rate.

Part 2: Change default currency

  1.  Control Panel >  Settings > Currency

2. Click “Edit” on the currency > Tick “Set as default currency”


1. Kindly take note that if you change default currency, product price will not update accordingly based on exchange rate.


  • Default currency is SGD

  • Exchange rate to MYR is 3 ( 1 SGD = 3 MYR )

  • Current product price is 1 SGD.

When you change default currency from SGD to MYR, the product price will become 1 MYR ( will not auto convert to 3 MYR ). Therefore if you need to change default currency, you need to change the product price as well.

2. The system will assign the currency according to customer IP. There are 2 conditions:-

  • If customer IP is Singapore, the system will assign SGD currency to the customer even your default currency is MYR.

  • If customer IP is Singapore, you did not add SGD as your currency. The system will show the default currency which is MYR or it will assign the currency which is the country that nearest with Singapore.

Part 3: Delete currency

1. Admin >  Settings > Currency

Note: Default currency is not able to be deleted, kindly make sure you change your default currency to another currency if you would like to delete that particular currency.

2. Click "Edit" on the currency > Click the "dustbin" icon to remove the currency

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