Let’s Encrypt is a free service which enables the users to use it for 90 days to encrypt the user of a domain’s sensitive data. After 90 days, it has to be renewed which can be done automatically using Scheduled Task.


1. Login into Plesk Control Panel.

2. Click Website & Domains.

3. Select the domain that you want to install the SSL certificate. Scroll down and select the option SSL/TLS Certificate > click Get it free button on the Let’s Encrypt

4. Enter your email address in the field box. 

    Ensure the ‘Include the “www” subdomain for the domain and each selected alias’ box is checked

    Click the Install button.

Note : 

Mostly you will not need to enable the “Secure the wildcard domain (including www and webmail)”.

However, if you really want to install wildcard SSL certificate, please go Wildcard SSL certificate section below

5. Once the installation is completed, you will be returned to the hosting page.

    A success message will let you know the process is completed.

6. Click on the Hosting Settings.

7. Under the Security section, ensure these options are enabled and selected.
SSL/TLS support.
Permanent redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
Let's Encrypt Certificate

You are done! Users can now browse the website with https without warning anymore.

Wildcard SSL certificate

If you want to install the wildcard SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt, there will be additional configuration required.

(In this article, we are using yourdomain.com as example. Please change yourdomain.com with your actual domain name)

1. Make sure to enable this option, then click Get it free button


2. The Plesk will showing this kind of information


Depend on which nameservers your domain used :

a. If your domain is using the following nameservers cluster:

  • ns131.mschosting.com
  • ns132.mschosting.com
  • ns133.mschosting.com
  • ns134.mschosting.com

Please wait for sometimes until the TXT record for “_acme-challenge.yourdomain.com” propagated (may take few minutes to few hours), then click the Reload button

b. If your domain is not using the above nameservers cluster (ns131 - ns134.mschosting.com), please add the following DNS record to your domain’s DNS zone

Name: _acme-challenge.yourdomain.com

Type: NS

RDATA/Value/Target: <Server Name>

The <Server Name> is the hostname of the server which hosted your account. You can find the hostname of the server which hosted your Ebiz 12 hosting account from your Client Area > Services > My Services > click on your Ebiz 12 Product/Service. You will see the Server Name under the Hosting Information. 


For the above example, we will need to add a NS record of _acme-challenge.yourdomain.com and point it to e122.mschosting.com

This NS record configuration will make any DNS query to subdomain “_acme-challenge.yourdomain.com” (including TXT record value) will be answered by the the Plesk server which hosted your domain.

Please wait for sometimes until the NS and TXT record for “_acme-challenge.yourdomain.com” propagated (may take few minutes to few hours), then click the Reload button

3. After the wildcard SSL certificate successfully installed, can proceed with the next configuration in Hosting Settings.