Enabling DKIM in Plesk

If DKIM signing is enabled on the server (see the Enabling or disabling DKIM on the Server section above), users can sign outgoing mail for their domains.

To enable DKIM signing of outgoing mail for a domain:

1. Go to Websites & Domains > your domain > the “Mail” tab > Mail Settings.

2. Select the “Use DKIM spam protection system to sign outgoing email messages” checkbox and then click Apply.

If you use the Plesk DNS server, you have enabled DKIM for the domain. Plesk adds the following two records to the DNS zone of the domain (example.com stands for your domain name):

  • default._domainkey.example.com contains the public part of the generated key.
  • _ domainkey.example.com contains the DKIM policy. You can edit this policy.

If you use an external DNS server, you have one more step left. Plesk cannot add the DNS records to the external DNS server. Add them yourself using a hint from Plesk.

3. Click “How to configure external DNS” to open the hint. Copy two DNS records you see there and add them to the DNS server.

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