Notice : CentOS 7 EOL at June, 2024

Dear valued client,

Once again, we thank you for your continued support.

Computer/Server Internet Technology is evolving and bringing changes to businesses rapidly. 

We wanted to inform you about an important update regarding CentOS 7, which is a widely used operating system for servers.

CentOS 7 will no longer receive updates or support after June 2024. This means that it will become outdated and vulnerable to security risks. It is crucial for you to start planning ahead and migrate your workloads to a new operating system to ensure the continued security and functionality of your server.

There are a few options for new operating systems, such as AlmaLinux OS 8 and Rocky Linux 8. If you need more information or assistance in choosing the right one for your needs, please contact our support team at

To migrate your workloads, you have two choices:
  1. Format your existing server, install the new operating system, and redeploy your workloads. Please remember to back up your data before formatting the server. 

  2. Set up a new server with the new operating system, redeploy your workloads, and migrate your data.

Please note that there may be a custom technical charge for setting up the new server.

Not migrating to a new operating system will have consequences:
  • Your server will no longer receive updates or security patches, making it vulnerable to potential attacks.

  • There is a risk of losing important data if your server gets compromised.

If you are a cPanel or Plesk hosting control panel user, please visit the following links to check the related migration path:
We value your business and are here to support you throughout this migration process. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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