You have successfully installed a Backup Client, however registration failed and machine does not appear in Backup Management Console.

Or you need to re-register a client machine to another Backup Account.

Use this method to manually register a Backup Client.

Use quotation marks, if your password contains special characters or spaces.

Windows OS

  1. Open Command prompt and navigate to C:\Program Files\BackupClient\BackupAndRecovery:
    cd "C:\Program Files\BackupClient\BackupAndRecovery"
  2. Issue this command to register the client machine:
    register_msp_mms.exe register <account> <password>

Linux OS

  1. Open terminal as root user
  2. Type in the following command to register the agent:
    /usr/lib/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery/AmsRegisterHelper register <username> <password>


  1. Open terminal.
  2. Execute:
    sudo -u root "/Library/Application Support/BackupClient/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery/AmsRegisterHelper" register <login> <password>

IMPORTANT: The above method is NOT supported for registration of Agent for VMware (Windows)