How to clear the LiteSpeed cache manually and with a plugin

LiteSpeed cache accelerates your site by caching visited pages for re-use. 

When making changes to your site, the cache continues to serve the older version until it is cleared. 

This article shows how to clear the LiteSpeed cache so changes are visible immediately.

Clearing the LiteSpeed cache with a plugin

The best way to clear the LiteSpeed cache is by using a plugin for your installed application. LiteSpeed plugins are available for various popular applications .

Here is an example of clearing the LiteSpeed cache using the WordPress plugin. 

1. On the leftside menu of WordPress, hover over the LiteSpeed menu item until the flyout menu appears and then click Manage.

2. On the Manage page, click the Purge All button.

Other choices on the Manage page can be used to clear specific portions of the cache.

Clearing the LiteSpeed cache manually in Plesk

The LiteSpeed cache can be cleared by deleting the cache files stored in your account. To clear the cache manually, follow these steps:

1. Log in to Plesk.
2. Click on the File Manager.

3. In the left column of File Manager, click on the lscache folder.

4. In the headings at the top of the right column of file mananger, click the checkbox to select all the files and folders in the lscache directory.

5. In the File Manager toolbar, click the Remove button.

A confirmation dialog box will be displayed.6. In the confirmation dialog box, click the Yes button to confirm the deletion.

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