Extension In Website Panel

Use this tab to customize Web service extensions such as ASP, PHP, PERL and etc.. 

By default, in order to take a more proactive stance against malicious users and attackers, 

IIS serves only static content - meaning features like ASP, ASP.NET, etc. do not work unless enabled. 

If you do not enable this functionality after installing IIS, IIS returns a 404 error.

To assign different ASP.Net version from your account which using WebSitePanel, 

you may refer to the step as below,

1. Login to your Website Panel via http://cp.domain.com  or through http://serverhostname.com.


2.    Under the "Hosting Spaces", click on your Hosting Plan name such as

       "EBiz Plus Windows" or "RW1000 Windows Resseller Plan".


3. Select the "Web Sites" under the "Web & Applications" category.

4. Click on your domain (eg, domain.com).

5. Click on the Extensions tab.

6. Select required extensions to enable. Remember to click "Save Changes" to save 

the changes you have just made or "Save Changes and Exit" to save the changes you 

have just made and return to the "Website" page.

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