How do I create a backup for my WordPress hosting subscription?

We provide an off server backup for both of our Managed WordPress hosting plan by default - with WP Lite having a 7 days backup retention and WP Expert up to 14 days.

However, it is always good that you make a backup copy of your WordPress hosting and keep a safe copy on your local desktop. You could do this on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. 

Here's how you would be able to make a full backup of your own via the WordPress control panel :

1. Login to the WordPress control panel via our client area portal.

2. On your WordPress control panel dashboard, find the "Backup Manager" on your right side bar and click on it.

3. Click on the Backup button. 

Schedule: If you wish to automatically make the backup automated for you so you can just download it, you can setup a scheduled task to have the control panel to execute the backup at the specific date/time for you.

FTP Storage Setting: By default any backup that you have generated will be counted towards your hosting subscription disk space usage. If you have any servers hosted anywhere else, you can have the backup to be automatically uploaded via FTP to your remote storage - which will basically helps save your disk space and reduce the hassle to download it to your local workstation.

4. Configure the backup parameter base on your requirements. We commended to exclude the log files as part of your backup (in case you need you can just untick the "Exclude Log files". If your WordPress hosting disk usage is huge, it's best to just leave it running on the back - therefore you can notifications when the backup process is completed.

5. Click OK when you are done and backup process will begin. Depending on your existing WordPress hosting disk space usage, the completion of the backup may varry. The more disk usage you have used for the existing hosting, the longer it would take. Once the backup is completed, you will see the size of the backup and you can click the "Green Arrow" icon to download the copy to your local desktop.

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