MY - Payment Method


1) You may log into your Billing Account with Exabytes at HERE

2) Click at the INVOICES tab as shown below:

3) Click into the respective unpaid invoice. Double check the invoice description to make sure that it is the right service which you would like to subscribe.

4A(i) If Your chosen payment method is “Credit Card”, you may then click on “Pay Now.”

4A(ii) Enter your Credit Card Information in the column provided and click on “Submit Payment.” 

Notes: You must remove the stored credit card information from your billing account to opt-out from the automatic payment in Your Exabytes Billing Account.

4B(i) If Your chosen payment method is "Online Bank Transfer". You may then click on “Click Here to Pay Now.”

4B(ii) You will be redirected to our online secured payment page and you may click on the "Payment Options" button. You may choose your preferable option and proceed with the payment. 

4C(i) If Your chosen payment method is "Touch 'n Go". You may then click on “Proceed with Payment”.

Notes: Make sure you have downloaded and registered for the Touch 'n Go eWallet app in order to proceed with this payment method.

4C(ii) You will be redirected to our Touch 'n Go eWallet page and you may have a check on the payment details. Click on "Proceed" button to continue. 

4C(iii) A QR Code will be provided. You may need to launch your Touch 'n Go eWallet app and tap on the "Scan" icon. 

4C(iv) Scan the QR code and complete the payment accordingly.

5) You shall receive your payment confirmation (computer generated receipt) upon the payment is made successfully.


Please find the JOMPAY Billier Code for Exabytes account as below:

Biller Code: 23689
Ref-1: Enter Your Invoice Number
Ref-2: Enter Your Mobile Number

Notes: Please ensure your invoice number is entered correctly and your mobile number is active and valid.

Payment will be reflected automatically into your invoice and you shall be receive your payment confirmation (computer generated receipt) via email accordingly.

Should you not received the payment confirmation within the next 1 hour, kindly contact our Billing Team via email at to check on your JOMPAY payment status.

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