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MY - Payment Method


1) You may log into our Client Billing System at here

2) Click Invoices:

3) Click on the invoice which you would like to make the payment.

4) Double check the invoice description to make sure that it is the right invoice.

5) You may select the payment method “Credit Card” and click “Pay Now.”

**Other alternatives gateway for Credit Card payment:

a) Online Bank Transfer
b) Pay by Credit Card (Braintree)

6) Please key in your Credit Card Information in the column provided, if you did not store your Credit Card details in our system and click “Submit Payment.”

7) You will be redirected to our online secured payment page and you will need to click on the "payment options" button. You may choose your preferable bank and do the payment.

8) After you have submitted your payment successfully, you shall receive your receipt within 24 Hours.

**You must remove the stored credit card information from your billing account to opt-out from the automatic payment in Your Exabytes Account.


1) You may bank in the payment to our Public Bank account via Internet Banking or from any Public Bank / Finance Branch. 

2) Our Account Details are as below:

Receiving Bank: Public Bank

Beneficiary Name: Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd

Beneficiary Account Number: 3117949912

Beneficiary ID: 576092T

3) Lastly, you may need to upload your payment proof for payment confirmation. Refer HERE for the upload guidance.


Please find the info as below:

Biller Code: 23689
Ref-1: Your Invoice Number
Ref-2: Mobile Number

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