Creating Hosting Plan in WebsitePanel

What is Hosting Plan?


Hosting plan is a set of hosting resources and corresponding quotas. Hosting resources here is a virtual or

physical server (set of services). Hosting plan is a template for created hosting space.


Creating Hosting Plan:


1.    Login to your WebsitePanel via

2.    Select on "Hosting Plans" from Account Menu at the top navigation bar.



3.    Click on "Create Hosting Plan" button.

4.    Insert the necessary information such as "Plan Name", "Plan Description" and etc.


Name and Description

Specify the name and description of hosting plan and set its availability(visibility) to customers.



Specify pricing options for this hosting plan.


Plan Target

Plan target is the place where corresponding hosting space will be created. When editing hosting plan under reseller account a hosting space only can be selected as a target.


5.    Finally, click Save to complete the whole process.

Note : Website Panel do not support for overselling, hence you are not advise to set maximum quota to your resources.

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